One of many pies


HAPPY PI DAY YESTERDAY!!! As did bakers around the world, I baked a pie yesterday (this one is a Granny Smith apple pie), and of course adorned it with the symbol of everyone's favorite mathematical constant. The picture makes the crust look a little pale and washed out, but believe me-that crust is a perfect golden brown. Also, the top part of the pi symbol is obscured in this picture. It looks better in person. This is the first pie I've baked since moving to Virginia, and it turned out well. I can't wait to eat a slice with some vanilla ice cream after dinner tonight!

Again, HAPPY PI DAY!!!


I'm teaching myself CSS, and not surprisingly, it is proving itself useful by making my web page design updates less tedious. Happily, learning how to use CSS is also interesting and engaging. My next step will be to polish the look of the site a little further, and then to start adding content. Once I'm relatively happy with everything, I'm going to start working on a mobile version. Pretty exciting!

Title: Who needs arms with pants like this?


No new ceramics at the moment, but I am in the planning stages of getting some new work going. I'm living in Northern Virginia now, so getting ahold of art supplies is a little harder than it was in Austin (no more Armadillo Clay. Bah!). I'm working on getting the new site up and running, so this is the first (and hopefully worst) of possibly several new iterations until I'm happy with the layout. I have to relearn some old things about HTML and learn some new things about CSS and possibly some other web languages and technologies so I can whip this site back into shape. In the meantime, please enjoy my revised contact page with a brief biographical sketch.